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Brand: Island

Midnight | 1g Disposable

Sativa HybridTHC:83.1%

With a name as mysterious and intriguing as Midnight, it’s no wonder two iterations of the strain exist on the cannabis market. The strains Israel-based breeder Tikun Olam used to created their version of Midnight are a secret known only to the company.



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“TAC” – Total Active Cannabinoids

“TAC” – Total Active Cannabinoids-86.51%
Total active cannabinoids represent the total amount of active cannabinoids at the time of lab testing. This total of active cannabinoids considers all of the active compounds that the product holds.

About the brand :

Island is a lifestyle brand born under the California sun. We create cannabis products that are approachable, simple, transparent, and the perfect complement to any good time. With a variety of on-the-go consumption methods available for consumers to enjoy, we encourage our consumers to go out and seek their next adventure — with Island in tow.

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