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Brand: No.9 Collection

Doob Cube Variety Pack | 1g PreRoll 14 Pack

HybridTHC:18% - 19.9%

New Varieties! 14-pack of 1g Pre-rolls including: Apex 23.1% X 4 1g Pre-roll Raspberry Parfait 24.9% X 4 1g Pre-roll Purple Apricot 23.8% X 3 1g Pre-roll Hella Jelly 25.5% X3 1g Pre-roll



About the brand :
No.9 Collection

No.9 is a brand of Coastal Cultivars With over 20 years combined experience in the licensed cannabis industry, the No.9 Collection team brings together extensive local and national expertise to produce its fine sun-grown cannabis in the stateโ€™s South Coast region.

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